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Mum Of Dreamworld Tragedy Victims Speaks Out

"Terrible feeling" before fatal accident

Mum Of Dreamworld Tragedy Victims Speaks Out Kim Dorsett on Channel 7's Sunday Night

Nearly two years on from the Dreamworld ride tragedy, the mum of two of the four victims has broken her silence.

Kim Dorsett lost daughter Kate Goodchild (32) and son Luke Dorsett (35) in the disaster in October 2016, as well as Luke's partner Roozi Araghi (38).

Her granddaughter Ebony was also on the Thunder River Rapids ride when the raft flipped, but the then 12-year-old made it out alive.

The family was on the Gold Coast for a holiday when they decided to head to the theme park for the third time, but Kim decided to go shopping instead.

She has now told Channel 7's Sunday Night, she remembers clearly saying goodbye to her children for the last time.

"Kate blew me a kiss and Ebony blew me a kiss and they all got into the car and left, and then three of them just never came back," she said.

"I'll live that moment forever".


She said she had a terrible feeling in the days before the tragedy.

"I remember waking up and just had an uneasy feeling but never in my wildest dreams did I think something was going to happen to the kids or anybody I knew, just that, you know, something wasn't quite right."

An inquest into the tragedy is ongoing.