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Nine More Schoolies Arrested On Quiet Day Three

14 Toolies Charged

Nine More Schoolies Arrested On Quiet Day Three

It was another relatively well-behaved night at Schoolies on Day Three despite the large crowd converging on Surfers Paradise.

Nine schoolies, eight males and one female, were arrested on 11 offences overnight, mostly on drug possession charges.

That was compared to the 17 schoolies arrested on the same night in 2017, marking another drop on previous years.

Six of the teenagers were also issued with liquor infringement notices, while 14 non-schoolies were arrested on 20 charges relating to drug possession and public nuisance.

Meanwhile 98 schoolies were assisted at the Ambulance Treatment Centre on the Esplanade, with two needing transport to hospital.

Of those treated, 63 were female and 35 were male.


The beach party will be put on ice for Tuesday's Chill Out Night.

The entertainment this year is a pop-up art installation to appeal to a supposedly more cultured group of teens, replacing the usual movie-on-the-beach event.

Schoolies Advisory Board chairman Mark Reaburn said most of the graduates would be running out of steam by now and need a break.

"There's a limit to how much the kids can go," said Mr Reaburn.

"Red frog pancakes will get you through probably three nights, potentially not four."