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Nurse abducted and slashed in Benowa

Three armed men on the run

A nurse has been abducted from the car park of Pindara Hospital by four men armed with a gun and knives early this morning.

The 25-year-old was allegedly forced into the boot of his own car while on a break at 4am on Friday.

He was apparently beaten and slashed before being driven to an ATM near the Gold Coast University Hospital and forced to withdraw $500 cash.

The offenders then put the nurse back in the boot and pushed the car down a hill in Ashmore where it crashed a fence.

The owner of the home told Seven she heard the crash and rushed out to help.

"At first I thought he was a drunk driver," she said.

"I came out to render assistance and realised that he was really badly hurt."

He told her he'd been robbed at gunpoint by four men, and she believed him after looking at his arms.

"He had knife wounds all down his arms and he was just in shock; he couldn't even tell me his name," she said.

The nurse was taken to hospital for treatment while the offenders had taken off in another car which crashed a few streets away.

One man was arrested nearby and is being questioned, while three people are believed to still be on the run.