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Pigs Found In Service Station Car Pork at Upper Coomera

Two sows hog the spotlight

Pigs Found In Service Station Car Pork at Upper Coomera

The overnight shift certainly wasn't a boar at a service station in Upper Coomera, after two pigs turned up on the doorstep.

A worker spotted the sows wandering the car park of the Caltex around 2:30 on Tuesday morning, before making themselves at home in the garden bed and having a nap once the sun rose.

Council officers were called to remove the animals for their safety, but the owner, who has a property about 1km away from the service station, arrived shortly after, in time to save their bacon.

He hadn't realised they had escaped until he saw images on social media.

Caltex Franchisee Trenton Bunn said the gentle giants were mostly very placid, until it was time to go home. 

They manage to trap one in a fenced-off area, but the other put up more of a fight. 

"Unfortunately he went for a run for about half an hour until he wore out and we were able to drag him into the trailer, but he was fighting all the way so it was quite difficult!" Said Mr Bunn.


The pigs are now safely back home again.