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Police Boss slams figure fudging allegations

Commissioner denies data falsified

Police Boss slams figure fudging allegations

The Queensland Police Commissioner has denied his officers deliberately fudged the figures, to lower the crime statistics on the Gold Coast.

Ian Stewart's released a statement on Thursday, following a report from the auditor-general, that found an unacceptable level of "incomplete, inaccurate, and wrongly classified" data.

It also claimed officers had been "soliciting" victims to withdraw complaints.

The commissioner has rejected the accusations.

"I want to be very clear, nothing could be further from the truth," wrote Comm. Stewart.

"A thorough reading of the report spells out that the QAO found no corrupt behaviour, systemic or otherwise."

"I am not sugar-coating the issue - there are clearly things we have to do better and will... but to imply officers are deliberately and corruptly manipulating crime data to suit some officially sanctioned agenda is simply not correct."

"In relation to the alleged solicitation of victims to withdraw their reports, in most cases, what officers have done is simply contacting those involved to see if they still wish to make a complaint and verify if the complaint is genuine," he said.

He has also thanked the two Gold Coast workers who brought the misreporting to their attention.