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Rainbow Returns To Miami Beach Staircase

"Graffiti" reappears overnight

Rainbow Returns To Miami Beach Staircase Image: supplied

The Rainbow Stairs at Miami are back!

Early morning walkers have stumbled upon a colourful surprise at Miami Beach on Thursday, finding the staircase leading to North Burleigh has been returned to its former glory.

Someone repainted the rainbow and love-heart on the steps overnight, after council last week dubbed the art on the iconic steps "vandalism", and painted over it.

While the new colours might not last long, a local Councillor is pushing to get the rainbow back for good through the proper channels.

Cr Pauline Young said she wasn't consulted by council officers before they painted over the rainbow, but will fight to see the rainbow shine on.

"I'll go through the correct council process which is to put a general business item up and get the support of my Councillors," she said.

"Then we'll look at either doing it with a school or doing it with the original artist, but having the stairs reinstated with the current community support".