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Residents Fight To Remove Flying Foxes From Coombabah

"The smell and sound is repugnant"

Residents Fight To Remove Flying Foxes From Coombabah

Coombabah residents are being driven batty by a roost of flying foxes at Chiba Park.

The bats have been keeping them up at night with their screeching, and locals say the smell is unbearable.

They have been trying for years to get council to move the growing population of native animals on, but the state government has to grant permission first.

"It's repugnant; the smell, the sounds," said Broadwater MP David Crisafulli.

"People are having to leave their homes to get a good night's sleep".

He has written to the government to urge them to put people above bats.

"Council have applied to the state government and they keep getting knocked back," he said.

"This crazy scenario where the rights of an animal are coming before the rights of someone who pays taxes is just absurd."