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Schoolies Let Loose For Day Five Celebrations

Eight Arrested, Five Hospitalised

Schoolies Let Loose For Day Five Celebrations

Five schoolies were hospitalised during a big night at Surfers Paradise where the beach party restarted following a day off.

Paramedics checked on 88 people all up at the Ambulance Treatment Centre on the Esplanade on Day Five of the official celebrations.

Despite the large crowd just eight schoolies, five males and three females, were arrested on 12 offences, mostly for drug possession and public nuisance.


Just one was handed a liquor infringement notice for drinking in a public place.

However the toolies were again the main offenders, with police arresting 13 non-schoolies on 14 charges overnight, mainly for drug offences.

Just two more nights remain for Week One festivities with police quite pleased with the behaviour this year.