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Should Daylight Saving end when summer does?

Push to roll NSW clocks back in March

Should Daylight Saving end when summer does?

The Daylight Saving debate is heading back to parliament in New South Wales.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest will introduce a private member's bill this week, seeking to cut the Daylight Saving period down to five months instead of six.

He will also table a petition with almost five thousand signatures on it, supporting the move.

The clocks are currently turned forward an hour on the first weekend of October until the first Sunday of April, but Mr Provest wants to make end date the first week of March instead.

"Along the border it has the greatest impact... but I think it's effective across the whole of the state," he said.

"Talking to my Sydney-based colleagues they all agree fairly unanimously that it's just too long".

Mr Provest said he's confident the bill will pass, but was hoping to at least get the debate started.