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Smallest Waistlines In QLD: Gold Coast's Gym Culture Pays Off

Coast bucks obesity crisis trend

Smallest Waistlines In QLD: Gold Coast's Gym Culture Pays Off

Gold Coasters have the smallest waistlines in Queensland, but more than half of us are still overweight or obese.

According to the newly released Health Of Queensland 2018 Report, 53% percent of locals are in the unhealthy weight range.

That was better than some regional areas though, including the Wide Bay and Western regions, where nearly 70% of people are overweight or obese.

On average across the state, about two in three adults and a third of kids fall into the category, with the health epidemic costing taxpayers more than $11 billion a year.

The statistics suggest the obesity rate is slowing down though.

"After several decades of increase, rates of obesity appear to be steadying in Queensland," the report states.

The Chief Health Officer made a number of suggestions in the report, stating that wide-spread action was needed "with governments, community groups, industry, media, families and individuals all having a role to play".

"We need community infrastructure that promotes active transport and physical activity and healthy food and drink supply strategies in schools, sporting clubs and hospitals".

In some positive news from the report, it showed Queenslanders were making healthier choices including smoking less, avoiding binge drinking and getting their kids vaccinated.