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Southport Still Car-Theft Capital Of Queensland

According To RACQ

Southport Still Car-Theft Capital Of Queensland

Southport has been named the car-theft capital of Queensland, for the second year running.

The suburb has topped the list from RACQ, according to its insurance claim data.

More than 3,000 claims have been made in the Southport area over the past three years.

Arundel came in at number 10.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said car theft is a big problem in the South East.

"We've received more than 50,000 insurance claims for stolen cars in the last three years and unfortunately South East Queensland is really over-represented with 18 of the top 20 suburbs, with the most car thefts," she said.

Thieves are also targeting certain cars more than others.

"Unfortunately for Toyota Landcruiser owners, Toyota Landcruisers do top the list as the most stolen cars in Queensland," Ms Clinton said.

Ford Falcons and Toyota Corollas make up the top three.