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Staff paid to get rid of pesky birds

Ibis costing cafes money

Staff paid to get rid of pesky birds

It's like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds at Surfers Paradise, where restaurant and cafe staff are having to spend half their time chasing ibis away.

Complaints about the pesky, but protected, birds have risen on the Gold Coast this year, with hospitality workers along the Soul Boardwalk forced to spray water at the bin chickens (as they are affectionately known) to keep them from flying onto tables, eating scraps and annoying customers.

Local MP John Paul Langbroek said council needs to address the issue.

He believed the birds could pose a health hazard and said it's ridiculous cafe owners are basically having to pay someone to scare the birds away.

"It's a council issue, it shouldn't be small business having to hire someone." he said.