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Test Confirm Thousands Of Fish Were Killed By Mother Nature

Cold weather caused fish kill

Test Confirm Thousands Of Fish Were Killed By Mother Nature

Tests have come back, confirming it was Mother Nature who killed all those fish near Clear Island Lake on the weekend.

Thousands of fish and eels floated to the surface of waterways connected to the lake on Saturday and Sunday, leaving locals concerned about the water quality.

Griffith University researchers tested the water and found the deaths were caused by a drop in oxygen levels.

They say the cold weather the Gold Coast had been having caused cool water to sink to the bottom of the lake and stir up the mud and algae, reducing the level of oxygen in the water. 

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate welcomed the findings, saying they should alleviate any concerns of contamination or other “conspiracy theories from the Greenies".

"They can sleep well, it’s Mother Nature doing the job," he said.

Wildlife Queensland Gold Coast branch president Sally Spain said the "why" is beside the point though.

She was calling for Council to start aerating the water at the lake as soon as possible, to save the remaining fish. 

“We don’t believe it’s too late to get some action down there and to at least do some efforts at oxygenation to save what remnants there are,” she said.

Results of tests performed by council officers were due back on Friday.