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This Gold Coast Intersection Is A Red-Light-Running Hotspot

Broadbeach corner worst in state

This Gold Coast Intersection Is A Red-Light-Running Hotspot

A Gold Coast intersection has been named the most dangerous in Queensland, when it come to motorists speeding through red lights.

Nearly 1,400 people were fined for running a red at the corner of the Gold Coast Highway and Margaret Avenue in 2017.

The camera there was operating for the equivalent of 287 days across the year, meaning on average, someone drove through a red light once every five hours.


Clare Hunter from RACQ said it was a disgrace how many drivers believed it was okay to ignore the basic road rule.

"Not only are they putting other motorists at risk but they're putting those vulnerable road users like cyclist or pedestrians at risk too because, of course, they're no expecting another car to come hurtling through that intersection," she said. 

Across the state an average of 63 motorists run a red light each day.