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Three Teens Electrocuted At Pimpama Train Station

Paramedics rush boys to burns unit

Three Teens Electrocuted At Pimpama Train Station

Two teenagers have been rushed to a specialist burns unit in Brisbane, after getting a massive electric shock at the Pimpama Train Station.

The boys were zapped by nearby power lines when they allegedly climbed over a bridge, to sit on the concrete barriers that support it, around 9 last night.

"Whilst in there it appears the electricity from the high-voltage wires has arched across into the young males and they got severely electrocuted," said Allan Windsor from the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Both teens suffered burns to 50% of their bodies, with one in a critical condition when he was transported to hospital.

The other was in a serious condition, but both were responsive.


A third teen suffered a smaller shock after going to help his mates, and was consequently taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital with an elevated heart rate.

Mr Windsor said the incident should act as a reminder to steer clear of high-voltage power lines, and that you don't have to actually touch live wires to get a big shock.

"It's extremely dangerous and very stupid; just stay away from them," he said.

"[The electric current] can arch, which I don't think a lot of people realise or appreciate, and that's why they have those safety barriers and fences there.

Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy said his thoughts are with the young gentlemen involved and their families, but also reiterated the safety message.

"With 25,000 volts of electricity running through Queensland Rail’s overhead power line network, it is critically important that members of the public do not enter prohibited areas of the rail corridor."

The train line shut down while emergency services attended the incident, with services resuming as normal around 10.15pm.