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WATCH: Pedestrians Narrowly Avoid Getting Hit By Gold Coast Trams

Five near-misses every month

WATCH: Pedestrians Narrowly Avoid Getting Hit By Gold Coast Trams

Around sixty people a year are risking serious injury or even death, by not paying attention around tram tracks on the Gold Coast.

Over the past 12 months there have been about five near-misses a month, with trams coming within centimetres of hitting pedestrians and cyclists.


The statistics have been released as part of Rail Safety Week, with G:Link rolling out new safety signage along the track and even on the trams themselves.

Jason Ward from GoldLinQ said the number of close calls had fallen recently, but there was always room for improvement.

"Luckily we've been able to avoid these pedestrian hits on these occasions but people not being aware of their environment, people wearing headphones and not crossing the tracks at the designated locations are really putting themselves at risk," he said.

Mr Ward said driver behaviour was also improving.

"Unfortunately motor vehicle drivers do do the wrong thing at times, particularly illegal u-turns depending on red lights, but luckily this year we've had very few incidents between cars and trams and we're really confident and happy and encouraged that the message is definitely getting through".