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Will The Gold Coast Miss Out On Dora The Explorer Movie?

Tax incentive deadline looms

Will The Gold Coast Miss Out On Dora The Explorer Movie?

The Gold Coast might lose a big production if the Federal Government doesn't sign off on better tax incentives for movies to film in Australia.

Canberra reportedly has just a couple more days to up the tax offset to 30 percent, before producers behind a live-action Dora The Explorer movie pull the pin on shooting the project here on the Glitter Strip.

Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira fears hundreds of local jobs could be lost.

"These are regular people; electricians, people from construction backgrounds, architects and engineers, and we want to make sure they have consistent work because this could be a really thriving industry and jobs of the future for our state," she said.

Ms Vieira says a tax break for all movie productions could open many doors in the future, and keep us competitive with other countries.

"We stand on our own two legs in every other respect: we are world class in terms of our crew, in terms of facilities and our visual effects in this country are absolutely incredible".

Treasurer Scott Morrison says the Government is still considering the proposal.