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Winter storm for the Gold Coast

Wild weather across the South East

Winter storm for the Gold Coast

A damp day for the Gold Coast today, after a pretty dry winter.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted showers and storms for Thursday, but meteorologist Julian De Morten said your gardens won't get much of a watering.

"[The trough] will be moving quite quickly so there's not a great opportunity for a lot of rainfall to happen, it'll just be a quick dump of rain and then move through," said Mr De Morten.

He predicted "up to around about 5mm with some of the showers and storms as they move through".

Most of the shower and storm activity was expected to happen in the late morning and afternoon, with more showers on the cards for Friday.


Despite the summer months usually being the worst for storms, Mr De Morten said it wasn't too unusual to see some activity at this time of year.

"We certainly do get the odd few storm days around South East Queensland around winter time but it's not the prime storm season".