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Major Shakeup Proposed For Melbourne's Busking Scene

It will include sound restrictions

Major Shakeup Proposed For Melbourne's Busking Scene (buskersofmelbourne.blogspot)

A major shakeup has been proposed for Melbourne's buskers.

Balloon art, caricatures and bubble blowing are some of the 41 performances which will no longer be classified as "busking" as part of the review by Melbourne City Council which will be considered next week.

Moves are also being made to keep the noise down with designated sound levels to be enforced as part of the move to improve the quality and diversity of acts across the city.

An overhaul could also be on the way for premium spots like Bourke Street Mall or Southbank Promenade to make it easier for touring artists to perform in these locations and get greater exposure, with permits renamed and tweaked.

Those becoming ineligible will be able to apply for a special permit to perform. If that's unsuccessful they'll need to apply for another licence to sell their goods.

The proposals will then be taken to the public.

Several new and increased fees will also be rolled out including a $100 premium busking permit, $40 for new permits and $25 for three-month permits for interstate or international applicants.


  • Handmade wire sculptures
  • Spray painting on vinyl records
  • Calligraphy
  • Balloon art sculptors
  • Bubble blowing
  • Animal performances
  • Spontaneous poetry
  • Telescope demonstrations
  • Yo Yo tricks
  • Portrait Art and Caricatures