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7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job and Become a Tradie

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7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job and Become a Tradie Image: Pexels

Everyone has bad days at work, but if you’re sitting at a 9 to 5 desk job dreaming of a career change, swapping your desk cubicle for a tool belt may be just the ticket.

When it comes to employability, flexibility and earning potential in the workplace, Australia’s tradies are striding ahead of most university required jobs, according to data compiled from more than 700 users in December.

And according to the latest census, the number of tradies in Australia grew by just 1.6 per cent in the last year – proving there are more than enough job opportunities to go around.

Essentially, CEO Jeremy Levitt said it's a “good time to be a tradie”.

“Hourly rates are rising, you are done by 4pm and also live an active lifestyle which rewards workers with a longer life,” he said.

“The flexibility and earning capacity are simply not matched by most office jobs."

If that sparks your interest, has found seven more reasons why you should quit your job and become a tradie.

1. Renovate your own home for less

The cost of renovating is only getting more expensive each year, which means having your own trade skills (or knowing friends in the business) can save you a lot of cash.

In fact, 49 per cent of tradies do most of their own renovation work, while 13 per cent rarely pay for renovations because all of their friends are tradies.

2. Clock off by 4pm

Say goodbye to peak hour traffic and late hours at the office.

While tradies are early risers, nearly one third of them clock off at 4pm or earlier.

Image: Pexels

3. Flexible holidays

Sick of battling with your boss to get a few days off? 70 percent of tradies say they can get leave from work whenever they like - most of the time because they run their own business.

4. Never go to the gym again

Given the amount of labour that goes into a day’s work, 38 percent of tradies only need to exercise once or twice a week, while 30 per cent do enough heavy lifting that they don’t need to exercise outside of work hours at all.

Gone are the days of paying expensive yearly gym memberships.

Image: Pexels

5. Experience new surroundings every day

Sitting at the same desk in the same office can become stale and uninspiring.

ServiceSeeking found that 58 percent of tradies travel to a different location everyday, while 29 per cent get a change of scenery at least every week.

6. You won’t be left in debt

While most university educated students will be paying off their HECS debt well into their twenties or thirties, 78 percent of tradies have zero training debts to their name with the majority of their hard earned cash going straight into their pockets.

7. Earn more than you think

ServiceSeeking's latest Tradie Price Index reported that the average hourly rate of a tradie sits at $61.90 and ranges up to $91.21 for plumbers.