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7 Ways To Dodge The Christmas Parcel Thieves This Holiday Season

Avoid being targeted

7 Ways To Dodge The Christmas Parcel Thieves This Holiday Season Image: Pexels

Security experts have made a number of recommendations ahead of the holiday season to ensure your Christmas deliveries arrive safely through the post.

With Aussies spending $3.29 billion online in the lead up to last Christmas, ADT Security have warned it’s also pretty much the peak time for thieves to nab a parcel or package left by your front door.

Along with installing a security device at your property – which can be monitored via your smart phone, the company suggests these seven ways of keeping your deliveries safe this holiday period.

Their security suggestions are:

  • Track your order through the courier’s tracking websites so you know when it’s likely to be delivered.
  • If you know you can’t be at home for the delivery, you can ask the courier to hold the parcel at their facility until you’re able to collect it.
  • Request a signature confirmation so that if you’re not home to take the delivery, your package is automatically kept at the local post office for pick up.
  • Include detailed delivery instructions when you place your online order to specify a safeplace on your property where the parcel can be left unattended.
  • Redirect your package to a neighbour or friend and, of course, return the favour.
  • Arrange the parcel to be delivered to your workplace, if permitted.
  • Place the ADT security sticker on your front door or window from your welcome pack to say your property is professionally monitored. Most thieves are looking for an easy target and they would prefer not to enter a property that is advertising that it has a professional monitored security system.