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A New Train May Zip From Melbourne To Sydney In '53 Minutes'

Elon Musk has a pretty awesome plan

A New Train May Zip From Melbourne To Sydney In '53 Minutes' Image: Elon Musk/Twitter

Think about what you could do in an hour – that’s one episode of Game Of Thrones, three episodes of Neighbours or just enough time to catch up on your Instagram feed.

What about travelling from Melbourne to Sydney? Well, Elon Musk reckons you soon might be able to do that in just 53 minutes.

The entrepreneur has tweeted a video of his travel concept called the Hyperloop, which if all goes to plan, will revolutionise public transport with a “supersonic” test tube pod reaching speeds of 321 km/h, according to The Sun.

Described back in 2013 as “a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table”, pods in the Hyperloop would work with either magnets or air expelled, and would be suspended above the ground as a failsafe against earthquakes and dodgy weather.


While Musk developed the initial idea, he’s not connected with the two companies hoping to bring his concept for high speed travel to life.

Initial plans to build a Hyperloop in Dubai would see each pod carry 28-40 passengers and transfer 164,000 passengers daily.

Musk assured fans on Twitter that Hyperloop riders won’t have any issues with strobe lighting as seen in the video, or “uncomfortable acceleration”.

You’ll even be able to enjoy morning cup of coffee – “no spilt drinks” tweeted Musk.


Trials are thought to start later this year in the Nevada desert, but it’s safe to say the future is just about here.