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Ambitious Smoker Chains Herself To Bed To Kick Habit

‘Call me mad - I want to live.’

Ambitious Smoker Chains Herself To Bed To Kick Habit

Image: Seven News

An ambitious Sunshine Coast woman has chained herself to a bed for three weeks to try and kick her smoking habit.

When quizzed by Seven News on her extreme method of quitting, she explained she was “one of those people who won’t quit to save her life”.

“I’ve tried to quit once for four days and I was told I was treating people badly,” she said.

She added: “Call me mad all you like, I want to live.”

While the smoker’s mother also feared a backlash, opinion was divided across social media on her extreme measures.

“Don’t know if chaining yourself to the bed would achieve anything hope it works for her,” wrote one Facebook user.

“We can bag her out, judge her, or as a reformed smoker (who knows how hard it is to give up) we can congratulate her and wish her well. She's trying everything she can to live. Good on her,” said another commentator.

A third wrote: “I guess you could call her a chain smoker to a chain quitter.”

“I am a 20 year smoker, I am one of those smokers who won’t quit to save her life,” she told Seven News.