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Anthony Mundine 'Says Jeff Horn's Only Popular Because Of His Skin Colour'

"The papers are at it again"

Anthony Mundine 'Says Jeff Horn's Only Popular Because Of His Skin Colour'

Anthony Mundine has confirmed his always controversial status, after he made front page across the country for some comments he's allegedly made to News Corp. 

The papers are claiming Mundine took a swing at champion boxer Jeff Horn, saying he's only popular because he's white. 

 “He’s only the flavour of the month because he is a white boy, just like Danny Green was the white boy,” Mundine allegedly said. 

“You’ve just got to look at society — whites get privileges," he continued, before declaring "because Horn is white, he gets all that ­attention and media coverage."

Mundine apparently went on to say he never got the same hype, because of his skin colour. 

“I had to talk shit and then back it up for years, since I was playing footy. That was the only way for me to get noticed."

“They’ve never given me my just dues because I’m a man of colour.”

The paper has been in touch with Horn's trainer, Glenn Rushton, who labelled the comments "just wrong", before adding "we don't get drawn in on this racism". 

This morning, the 42 year old's taken to social media to play it down, claiming 'the papers are at it again'. 


The attention comes just ahead of Mundine's fight against Tommy Browne tonight in Sydney. 

News Corp claims the provocative comments are not just about selling the fight, either, saying 'for the first time in his career, Mundine’s fight will not be on pay-per-view and is free to watch for anyone with a Foxtel subscription.'