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Aussie Dads Could Be Passing On The Ovarian Cancer Gene

New research

Aussie Dads Could Be Passing On The Ovarian Cancer Gene Image: Pixabay

Aussie dads could be passing on to their daughters the genetic mutation responsible for an inherited risk of ovarian cancer, researchers have found.

A large sample pool of 10,000 US families affected by ovarian cancer revealed an X chromosome passed on by fathers, which was also identified as a strain separate to other chromosomes currently linked with the condition, SBS reports.

"A family with three daughters who all have ovarian cancer is more likely to be driven by inherited X mutations than by BRCA mutations," said Kevin Eng, a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York.

The study, which referenced data collected over a 30 year period, found women born to dads whose own mum had battled ovarian cancer were twice as likely to develop the disease, compared to those who inherited the disease from their mum’s side.

Ovarian cancer is Australia’s eighth most commonly diagnosed form of cancer.