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Aussie Mum Learns Her Fate Over Death of Bali Policeman

Sara Connor Jailed For Four Years

Aussie Mum Learns Her Fate Over Death of Bali Policeman

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Aussie mum Sara Connor has been sentenced to four years in prison for her role in the death of a Bali policeman.

Three Indonesian judges handed down the verdict in the Denpasar District Court on Monday, finding the 46 year old mother of two guilty of fatal assault in company.

It follows the death of local policeman Wayan Sudarsa, whose bloodied body was found covered in sand on Kuta Beach in the early hours of August 17, 2016 with 42 wounds across his head, chest and neck.

Chief Judge Made Pasek rejected Connor's claim that all she did was separate her British boyfriend and Wayan Sudarsa on the night of the deadly fight. 

He found Connor had jumped on Mr Sudarsa's shoulders, effectively pinning him down.

"The defendant's action was not intended to separate (them) but to help David Taylor so that the victim could not fight back."

Connor's sentence comes after her boyfriend, British man David Taylor, was jailed for six years after being found guilty of fatal assault in company.

The 34 year old was found guilty after the judges found it had been proven he deliberately inflicted violence.

Taylor hugged his parents at the back of the court before being led out.

Speaking after the verdict, Taylor's lawyer Haposan Sihombing said his client accepted the sentence and was glad it was more lenient than the eight years requested by prosecutors.

He said Taylor was co-operative, frank, admitted to what he did and had conveyed his condolences to Mr Sudarsa's family.

Taylor's father said the family was "content" with the sentence handed down to their son.

"Concerning the tragic events of that night ... we are immensely saddened and our hearts go out to the widow of the officer Wayan Sudarsa and his family to whom we extend our deepest condolences," John Taylor told reporters at Denpasar Court.

"However, we do believe that our son David feared for his own life that night and his actions reflect that.

"At the end we are content with the sentence."

He thanked the British consulate, Taylor's legal team and those who offered support and prayers for his family during this difficult time.