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Petrol Prices Set To Ease Up Ahead Of Christmas

Good news for motorists

Petrol Prices Set To Ease Up Ahead Of Christmas Image: Pexels

Motorists around the country may want to hold off filling up the tank until closer to Christmas, as petrol prices have begun easing in most cities, the latest quarterly petrol analysis has found.

Comparison website reviewed the average cents per litre (cpl) of unleaded petrol from 17 September to 17 December 2017 across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

The review specifically looked which city is paying the most, and where prices are sitting in the cycle ahead of the Christmas break. spokesperson Abigail Koch said the average price of petrol was still sitting at 134.2cpl over the last quarter, the highest of any quarter in 2017.

“As prices in these cities are not expected to peak again until around New Year’s Eve, my suggestion is to hold off filling up the tank in full until as close to Christmas as possible," she said.

Image: Pexels


The survey found Sydney residents have been paying the least for fuel over the last quarter, with the average price for petrol around 132.4cpl.

However, this was still 12.8cpl higher than the previous quarter (24 June to 24 September). Prices peaked a week ago and are slowly on the way back down.

Residents in the Fairfield-Liverpool region might be in luck this Christmas, with the average prices for fuel over the last quarter sitting at 130.5cpl – the lowest in the country.

The sub-region paying the highest prices for petrol in the country were those in the east of Sydney, with fuel prices averaging 136.5cpl over the last quarter.


With petrol prices in Melbourne spiking at the end of last week, motorists might want to hold off filling up for as long as they can as prices continue to make their way down.

Melbournians paid on average 133.9cpl over the last quarter, with the Altona and Williamstown sub-region reporting the lowest prices at 131.2cpl.

The highest in the Victorian capital was the Greensborough and Ivanhoe sub-region at 135.9cpl.


Like Sydney, Brisbane’s petrol cycle peaked a week ago and isn’t expected to spike again until New Year’s Eve, with prices falling slowly until then.

Residents heading on a road trip this Christmas might find Bayside has the best prices, with the quarterly average for fuel in that sub-region at 134.8cpl.

The highest prices were in North West Brisbane, at 136.4cpl over the last quarter.

On average, Brisbane residents were paying 136.3cpl, the second highest of the major capital cities, behind Canberra.


Petrol prices in Adelaide are on the way down and will continue to ease over the weekend, but motorists should fill up the tank before Christmas Day when prices are expected to rise.

Over the last quarter, Adelaide motorists were paying 132.6cpl, but those in the Western and Beach suburbs paid just 131.1cpl.

Residents in Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs were being slugged 134cpl for fuel.


It’s good news for Perth motorists heading on a Christmas road trip.

Perth’s seven-day price cycle is likely to spike around Boxing Day, so is expected to be at its lowest point in the cycle over the weekend, just in time for Christmas.

Perth motorists were paying the second lowest for petrol over the last quarter, at an average of 132.5cpl.

There was little variance across the West Australian capital, with the lowest quarterly average in the East (at 131.8cpl) and the highest in the South (132.8cpl).


Unfortunately for Canberra motorists, petrol prices rose almost two weeks ago by 4cpl and may stay that way for a while.

With the average price in Canberra over the last quarter the highest of the major capital cities at 137.6cpl, residents may want to check prices before they visit the pump.