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Aussie 'Royals' Told To Cough Up Unpaid Taxes

Aussie 'Royals' Get Court Verdict

Aussie 'Royals' Told To Cough Up Unpaid Taxes

Queen Elizabeth CC BY 2.0

The townsfolk living in a section of Western Australia that has cut itself off from the rest of the world since 1970, may be forced to cough up millions in unpaid taxes.

Residents, collectively known as the Hutt River Province "royals" have been ordered by a WA Supreme Court Judge to pay more than $3 million..

Founding father Leonard Casley, now 91, labelled himelf Prince Leonard when he set up the Principality of Hutt River after getting into an argument with authorities about wheat production quotas.

Son Arthur joined in the court dispute over unpaid taxes, saying the court couldn't tell them what to do because they had seceded from Australia.

But the Judge hit back saying "anyone can declare themselves a sovereign in their own home, but they cannot ignore the laws of Australia or not pay tax".

He labelled their arguments bizarre, irrelevant and gobbledegook.

Mr Casley was ordered to pay income tax of more than $2.7 million and his son over $242,600.

Back in February Mr Casley put his son Prince Graeme, 60 in charge.

According to Wikipedia, the Principality of Hutt River is located 517km north of Perth. It has its own postage stamps, currency, has 10,000 non- resident citizens and also has a treaty with indigenous land owners.

It is believed that Australia Post has refused to handle mail sent to the Principality of Hutt River, forcing letters and parcels to be redirected via Canada.

And the Queen wrote to Mr Casley to mark the province's anniversary.