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Aussie Undies Crash Hero Lands Himself In Court

Remember this bloke?

Aussie Undies Crash Hero Lands Himself In Court

Remember Dan McConnell? He's the bloke who gave the amazingly hilarious interview after a driver crashed his car into his mate's fish & chip shop at Hendra.. 

Well, some would say Dan McConnell has had a fall for grace.... here's what's happened: 

Basically, he's ended up in court. It's the 'why' that's really interesting, though.. 

He was riding his bike at night, with no lights, reflectors, mirrors or helmet, with only a cowboy hat on his head, when he collided with a car.. apparently after riding into its path. 

It actually happened back in 2015, but has only made it through the court process now. 

Basically, the police have argued that 31 year old McConnell unreasonably rode his bicycle into the path of the car on Nudgee Road, Hendra one August night in 2015, without properly looking.

McConnell, a former sideshow alley worker, argued that he was 'spooked' by the car driver sounding the horn and ended up veering.

He told the court he'd drunk about 7 bottles of beer before getting on his bike to ride to the confectionery warehouse. 

“How many cases have we read about the juggernauts of death, the ubiquitous juggernauts of death that cover our streets, driving into bicycles and killing people?...If you’re driving a car, your Honour, you’re going to hit a bike, there’s going to be damage,’’ Mr McConnell’s solicitor said.

The Judge, David Andrews, hasn't bought the story though and believes the horn was never sounded and ruled that McConnell was in the wrong. 

The Judge rejected McConnell's claim for damages because of a back injury he copped when he struck the windscreen and passenger side of the car and fell onto the road.