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Bloke Gets Hypothermia Trying To Win Free Pizza

Climbed A Snowy 3km Mountain In Shorts

Bloke Gets Hypothermia Trying To Win Free Pizza

An American bloke has been rescued from a snow covered mountain; he tried climbing in shorts and light clothing to win a free pizza.

An Arizona café was offering a freebie for anyone who could get to the top of the 2, 834m high Mount Elden.

The massive mountain was covered in snow after a recent storm, when authorities got a call for help to rescue the guy.

Coconino County Sheriff Commander Rex Gilliland says it was a poor choice.

“Regardless of what this business offers ... the responsibility falls back to the individual to make good sound decisions about what they're going to do,” Gilliland said.

He apparently paid no attention to the conditions so it wasn’t a shock he had to be rescued.

“It shouldn't have been a surprise,” he said.