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Cassie’s Case: Not A Columbian Led Operation

There’s Certainly No Cartels Behind It

Cassie’s Case: Not A Columbian Led Operation

22-year-old Australian woman Cassie Sainsbury has been caught up in a South American nightmare, but an expert says Columbian drug cartels aren’t behind it.

Rusty Young, wrote the book Marching Powder, a story on a Brit serving time in a Bolivian prison for drug trafficking, and reckons it was arranged by someone overseas.

 “To my mind this is definitely not a Columbian led operation, it’s not very sophisticated,” he said on FoxFM.

“Columbian drug traffickers are a lot smarter, they certainly wouldn’t try and run a mule with 6kg (of cocaine) through the major airport.

“There’s certainly no cartels behind this operation, the cartels don’t run drug mules, they run tonnes of cocaine.

“To my mind this looks like a very small and unsophisticated operation, organised by people outside of Columbia.”

Ms Sainsbury was busted with almost 6kg of cocaine, hidden in headphones boxes, trying to leave Bogata Airport.

Mr Young also says reports she was caught because of a last minute plane ticket are off the mark.

 “Columbian authorities had been warned by another police intelligence agency in Columbia, that there was a passenger who was going to travel on the 5th of April, so that’s so one week before she was actually caught,” he said.

“(They) provided her name, passport number and photograph.

“So Columbian authorities were on the lookout for her at all airports inside Columbia, from the 5th of April.”