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Chips For Breakfast Not So Bad

More Bad Press For Bread

Chips For Breakfast Not So Bad

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It turns out your morning toast could be doing more harm than we previous thought... and we're not talking about the carbs.

Researchers from The George Institute have found two slices of bread can contain more than a third of our daily recommended salt intake.

The study looked at over 14,000 bread products in the last seven years - and while overall salt levels had dropped slightly, there are still a number of breads on our shelves with levels of salt risky to our health.

Two slices of white sourdough contains 2.3 grams, and that's without even adding any spreads like Vegemite or Peanut butter.

The most alarming finding was that products we consider healthy, such as rye bread, contained 20% more sodium.

How's this to rub salt in the wound?

Just one slice of Schwob's Dark Rye has double the amount of salt as small bag of Kettles sea salt chips (45grams), according to the study.

But before you switch to eating chips for breakfast keep a look out for the salt levels on the packaging.

5 Highest Salt Sliced Breads
1. Schwob's Dark Rye 1.2g per slice
2. Bowen Island Artisan Breads Wholemeal Sourdough 0.7g per slice
3. Schwob's White Sourdough 1.1g per slice
4. Schwob's Swiss Farmers Light Rye 1.1g per slice
5. Schwob's Swiss Bakery Multigrain 1.1g per slice

5 Lowest Salt Sliced Breads
1. Bill's Certified Organic 100% Wholemeal Sourdough 0.2g per slice
2. Bill's Certified Organic Medium Rye Sourdough, 0.2g per slice
3. Bill's Certified Organic Ancient Grains + Activated Super Seeds Sourdough 0.2g per slice
4. Bill's Organic Multigrain Sourdough, 40g, 0.6g/100g, 0.2g per slice
5. Bill's Certified Organic Activated 7 Seeds Multigrain SourdoughBill's Certified Organic Health Bakery 0.2g per slice