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Coldest Winter Start In Over A Decade For Parts Of Australia

I once loved a sunburnt country...

Coldest Winter Start In Over A Decade For Parts Of Australia

Image: Bureau of Meteorology 

Time to get Lenny Kravitz levels of layered, cause Australia's really copping the low temps and strong winds this winter.

everyone in australia rn 

It's already been the coldest start to an Australian winter in over 100 years for some parts of the country.

C'mon Australia, this isn't like you! 

We spoke to Kim Westcott from Weatherzone, and she confirmed that it's been... well... cold. 

Not only that, there's a strong wind warning out for most parts of the country. 

"For much of Australia we've got a large, solid high pressure system for the South East, so this is bringing pretty windy conditions along the New South Wales Coast up to Queensland", she said.

That'll make it feel colder than it actually is!

"These windy conditions are making it feel a little bit colder but also bringing a few showers along with it, and this will continue for the next few days."

Oh and snow chasers?

Online weather A low pressure system is expected to bring cold enough temps to see some snow form on the Granite Belt in Queensland and Northern Tablelands of NSW.


Now let's take a closer look, city by city. 


You guys have the most reason to whinge. 

The temperature in Adelaide dropped to a freezing 2.9C on June 2, a temp not seen since 1943!

That makes it the coldest start to winter in 128 years! So you can tell your 'rents that they've NEVER known cold like you have. 


Rug up!

In the Harbour city it dropped to 10C on Thursday and Friday, when average temps are usually around 17C at this time of year.

It is expected average 11C over the weekend.



Winter has arrived on cue in Queensland with temperatures across the southern and inland parts of the Sunshine State falling
to single figures.

Brisbane dropped to 9C on Thursday for the first morning of winter - the coldest day since last August.

Meanwhile Oakey, Dalby and Warwick all recorded sub-zero temperatures on Wednesday morning.


Despite being known for its "brr" inducing weather, Melbs hasn't been quite so bad! 

Oh... wait, don't celebrate yet. They will get bad over the weekend.

Temperatures are predicted to drop to a low of 4C on Saturday morning and 5C on Sunday.