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Cop Killer Spent Just 27 Days Behind Bars, Despite 21 Years Of Crime

Rick Maddison's history

Cop Killer Spent Just 27 Days Behind Bars, Despite 21 Years Of Crime

Pic: ABC

Plenty of questions are being asked on the back of the shooting death of senior police officer Brett Forte, including how his killer continued to walk free. 

Despite court records revealing 21 years of violence history and court appearances, Rick Maddison had spent just a handful of days behind bars.. totalling to less than a month. 

According to a 7 Yahoo investigation, the Toowoomba plasterer who killed Senior Constable Brett Forte had an extensive history. 

"He bashed a man in a nightclub so badly the victim had to have his eye socket bone surgically re-attached."

"He fractured another man’s skull and punched him twice in the face."

"He was accused of torturing his girlfriend and terrorised her and her family to the point that the 25-year-old woman fled Toowoomba for Mackay."

"In February 2005, Maddison was convicted for assault occasioning bodily harm after fracturing the skull of a man and punching him twice."

"Two months later, Maddison was back before the same court for public nuisance offences."

"On the night of December 8, 2007, his propensity for violence played out again in a Toowoomba’s Toombas Nightclub when he randomly bashed a 22-year-old man as he left the club."

Maddison's first run in the law was back in 1996, when he was found guilty of producing dangerous drugs. 

From then, he was in and out of court for everything from wilful and unlawful damage to assaults. He was fined, but convictions were often not recorded. 

Seven's reportedly seen a police profile on Maddison which includes warnings for weapons and outlaw motorcycle connections, but nothing about violence. 

As we later learned, a wanted Maddison had been stockpiling weapons including automatic rifles. It's been alleged he lured police to the scene of Senior Constable Forte's death by calling them several times to make threats, urging them to 'find him'. 

The Coroner has been tasked with investigating both Maddison and Senior Constable Forte's deaths.