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Could CCTV Footage Prove Cassie Sainsbury's Innocence?

Mystery man in video

Could CCTV Footage Prove Cassie Sainsbury's Innocence?

Colombian police have reportedly seized CCTV footage from the hotel accused Aussie drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury was staying at during her trip, that could prove she was set up by a drug mule. 

According to News Corp, Bogota police visited her downtown hotel to retrieve footage of the only visitor Sainsbury had during her eight-night stay.

She's repeatedly mentioned meeting a mystery guy called "Angelo" who apparently hooked her up with packages of cheap headphones for her upcoming wedding, which turned out to be packages of cocaine.

Sainsbury has now spent one month behind bars, her mother and sister are currently en route from Adelaide to Colombia to visit the 22-year-old after reportedly signing a contract with 60 minutes.

She's facing up to 25 years in prison if she's found guilty of drug smuggling charges.