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Dashcam Video Divides Social Media Over Melbourne Bingle

Viewers tell everyone to ‘calm down’

Dashcam Video Divides Social Media Over Melbourne Bingle Image: Dasbcam Owners Australia/Facebook

A bingle caught on dashcam video in Melbourne has divided viewers across social media on the issue of who was actually to blame.

Shared to the Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook page, the incident reportedly happened on the Princess Highway back in November, “just around the corner” from the Noble Park KFC, and shows a sedan sideswiping a Star Track delivery van.

The driver who recorded the incident explained that was doing 40km/h in a 50km/h zone and was able to stop in time before colliding with the two vehicles in question.

“A smart person thought it would be fun to turn in front of me,” alleges the driver, explaining he handed over the dashcam vision to the driver of the delivery van.

“What's worse she hit the side of old mate van next to it, stopped and handed over the footage to the guy in the van to help him out.”

A number of people who’ve watched back the clip have called for people to “calm down”.

“So much anger. Ok she was in the wrong but slow down and get over it, and it wouldn't have happened in the first place. People need to calm down,” wrote one.

Another said: “Don't think there was any need to rush and get on the horn when you had to slow down to stop anyway. You caused that accident.”

A third wrote: “The incident wasn't helped by the speedy approach by the dashcam car, quite likely it rattled the errant driver.”

You can take a look at the clip below: