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Doctor Reckons 'Man Flu' Is REAL!

Knew it.

Doctor Reckons 'Man Flu' Is REAL! YouTube

The jury might still be out on this one, but a Canadian doctor is claiming to have found evidence that "man flu" really does exist.

A study published in the BMJ - known for posting very tongue-in-cheek science pieces during the festive season - from Dr Kyle Sue suggests that men have a weaker immune response to viral respiratory viruses infections, meaning their symptoms can be worse than the type women experience and also last longer.

The research really isn't anything new though, it's more of a review of previous research into both mice and humans. Many GPs say they're not persuaded by the findings, because of the many factors that can affect how bad a bout of influenza can be in different people.

Sue also suggests that lying on the couch, or receiving assistance with activities of daily living could have been evolutionary behaviours that protect against predators. So basically, blokes have been pulling this one since the Paleolithic Era.

I still say a cup of cement will do the trick.