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Family Dog Suffers Horrific Burns In Deliberate Attack

Vet bill in the thousands

Family Dog Suffers Horrific Burns In Deliberate Attack

Pic: Maloo, Supplied


A Logan dog owner says she's disgusted and traumatised after her dog was deliberately burned all down one side, with either boiling water or a chemical. 

Krystelle Swan says she was at home on Emily Street, Acacia Ridge on Friday last week (May 26) when she ducked to a servo at about 10.30pm.  

When she came home, she found 7 year old Dalmatian x Sharpei, Maloo, was wet and sticky down one side. 

It soon became clear she was in pain. 

"It breaks my heart that someone's done that to my baby. And the fact we have another dog as well, it just makes me think 'are they gonna come back? Is it gonna happen again?'. I mean, if they can do it to an animal, what's next?"

Pic: Supplied

Krystelle rushed Maloo to her local vet and begged them to save Maloo's life, but knew she couldn't afford the bill. 

That's where the Animal Welfare League QLD comes in.. 

Krystelle was forwarded to AWL QLD's Community Vet at Ipswich.

"They did tell us the first night that it was touch and go. Whether she would make it through the night was anyone's guess, but she did! She made it through but she had to have surgery"

The bill, already, is at more than $2,000. That figure is rising, with Maloo needing weekly care including creams and pain killers. It's likely the recovery will take months. 

Spokesperson for the Animal Welfare League, Amanda Hargreaves, says the service is like having a public hospital for pets. 

"Basically, our charter for our community vet clinics is that we never turn an animal away. We understand that people are in financial hardship and some people can't afford a lot of the procedures and care that animals need in their time."

"We've got two community vet clinics - one on the Gold Coast and one at Ipswich."

"We do rely on donations." 

Krystelle has made a report to QLD Police, and will be visiting the station today with photos of Maloo's injuries. 

Her focus now is on getting Maloo well, reassuring her children that they are safe in their home, warning other pet owners to be aware of what could be happening in their own back yard and, ultimately, finding the person or people responsible. 

"Please, ring Policelink (ph 131 444).. make it anonymous if you have to.. we really need justice for our dog because what has happened to her is disgusting and it could happen to anyone, it could happen to anyone else's dogs. It's just cruel. It's horrible"

If you're keen to help Maloo directly, you can visit the family's GoFundMe account

"I've set it at $1,500 because I didn't want to ask the full amount. But, if people can't do that then please donate to the Animal Welfare League because they have been incredible, absolutely incredible. Even if you can't donate, share the story.. that's all we're asking."

If you'd prefer to help the Animal Welfare League, you can do so on their website

Pic: Supplied

Pic: Supplied