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Free Smashed Avo For a Year With Qld House

Smashing That Property Bubble

Free Smashed Avo For a Year With Qld House
Source: Gettyimages
We all know how hard it is to afford a house these days, but a Brisbane real estate agent may have a solution!

Ray White Sherwood is attempting to curb the Housing Affordability problem - and your appetite - by offering up a years supply of smashed avo with your house FOR FREE! 


Townhouse in the city's southwest, which are priced upwards of $595,000,  feature "chic design elements" and "quality craftmanship", which all sounds lovely, but let's be real here.

The most exciting element of these houses is the promise of a years supply of avocado on toast once a weekend from nearby cafes. 

Smashed Avo with a side of townhouse

In case anyone is interested, this is what the house looks like. 

Avocado’s the secret ingredient in skyrocketing housing prices Source: Ray White

Brunch on you for the whole year?