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Get Ya Spy Skills Ready Cos ASIS Are Recruiting

Keen for a big career change?

Get Ya Spy Skills Ready Cos ASIS Are Recruiting Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Columbia Pictures

If you've ever dreamt of being a real-life James Bond or Ethan Hunt, here's your chance.

Australia's top secret intelligence service, ASIS, has launched a major recruitment drive to find the next generation of Aussie spies.

The job ad on their website says they're looking for people with an innate sense of curiosity, who enjoy connecting with people from different cultures and know what it takes to strive for results.


ASIS have even tapped into the virtual reality market, creating an awesome online test called "The Most Interesting Job Interview". If you want to give it a crack click here.

The test is designed to challenge your human intelligence skills, like people-watching, listening and persuasion.

Pic: A snippet from the recruitment video (ASIS)

You'll have really dedicate yourself though if you're accepted, the recruitment process alone lasts for up to one year. But if you snag a position you could earn anywhere between $77,000 and $107,000, just on a trainee level.

Applications close 28 February next year.