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This Is How Much A Pint Of Beer Costs Around The World

Find out where to get a cheap pint.

This Is How Much A Pint Of Beer Costs Around The World

Melbourne brags a lot - but Sydney's got one up over their more southern counterparts - and it's related to the price of beer.

Deutsche Bank analysts have collected data on how much it costs to buy a pint in major cities.

For those looking to visit the Phillipines, Manila clocks in at $1.50 a pint, the cheapest place recorded.

News isn't as good for those visiting the UAE, with it costing 12 bucks a pint in Dubai.

For those playing at home, it'll cost you 70 cents more to get a pint in Melbourne than Sydney, with beers costing $6.80 and $6.10 respectively.

Thankfully, this is cheaper than across the Tasman, with a pint costing $7.10 in Auckland.

Here's a list of the best (and worst) places to plan your next holiday.

New York City, United States - $7.70

Paris, France - $7.30

London, United Kingdom - $7.20

Milan, Italy - $6.50

Madrid, Spain - $5.70

Athens, Greece - $5.10

Berlin, Germany $3.90

Lisbon, Portugal - $2.80

Cape Town, South Africa - $2.60

Mexico City, Mexico - $2.40

Having said all this, we'd love to know where analysts are paying $7.80 for a pint in Melbourne...