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How Schapelle Corby Tricked The Media

She's yet to be spotted

How Schapelle Corby Tricked The Media

Pics: Instagram/AAP/Nine

Schapelle Corby is yet to make to a public appearance since landing back in Australia thanks to a well orchestrated game of hide and seek.

It's been revealed an ex-army officer turned security professional spent the last few weeks planning the best way to send media packs on a wild goose chase and boy, did it work.

Eleanor Whitman fronted cameras at Brisbane Airport delivering a statement on behalf of the family, turns out she was the brains behind the plan to keep Corby completely sealed from the public eye.


The game started even before Schapelle and sister Mercedes had touched down in Australia. They were meant to be flying in with Virgin but at the last minute were whisked away for seats on an Malindo Air flight. 


It continued when several black SUV's left the airport, just one of them carrying Schapelle but no one had any idea which one, or where she was going.

They scattered themselves around south-east Queensland as some headed for the city, others towards mum Ros's home in Loganlea, one was followed to the KFC in Ormeau.


It got a whole lot more bizarre at Ros's house, someone who looked just like Schapelle, thought to be a body double was spotted outside the home, while family and friends gathering there to celebrate the homecoming were greeted by a man in a horrifying Halloween mask.

Pic: Nine


Those inside the house, including sister Mercedes, could be seen filming the media with mobile phones.

And while there's been a lot of criticism around the 'ridiculous' amount of coverage the story has been getting over the past few weeks, Channel 9 reporter Jess Millward says the family are certainly playing up to the cameras.

"The point is we have cared and have been so captivated by her story, what we're doing is really rounding out this story for the Australian public. She's home now and today really is the beginning of the rest of her life," she said.

"Schapelle herself has joined Instagram so she's not completely shying away from the public spotlight."

That Instagram page has notched up 141,000 followers in just 48 hours.

We asked QUT media expert Dr Jason Sternberg, when is enough, enough?

"I think enough is enough when we hear from Schapelle herself to be quite honest," he said.

"Whether that's going to happen, I don't know."

Sternberg says he can understand why so many people are unhappy about the rolling news breaks.

"Especially when we're cutting into kids programming, particularly this week after the Manchester attack I think a lot of parents just wish their children could have a bit of a breather."

"But on the other hand it's a little bit hypocritical in ways because people have been very hungry and interested in this story for more than a decade."