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Karl Stefanovic Absolutely Unloads On The Daily Mail

'Long, despicable track record'

Karl Stefanovic Absolutely Unloads On The Daily Mail

Karl Stefanovic hasn’t held back in a heartfelt piece to camera this morning on the Today Show.

It was aimed at the Daily Mail after the publication posted an article about him carrying cans of pre-mixed rum and saying he had checked into a caravan park with a Channel Nine colleague.

He described the “news” website as having a ”long, despicable track record of denigrating women".

"The producer pictured on the website is a committed, talented, hard-working and totally professional young woman - and not deserving of this cheap, lazy, sexist online slur.

"(She's) a young woman who's spent the past few hours in tears because of the hurtful and false way she's been portrayed by this website.

“Go hard on me. Make up your stories. Publish your lies. Send out your paparazzi. But if you have a sliver of decency, if you have any care whatsoever for the women of Australia, do not slur the reputations of others in your eagerness to throw mud at me."

"If you agree with me the best thing you can ever do is never go to that website."