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Kiwi Bloke With Devast8 Face Tatt U-Turns On Removal

Backed out after 1 session

Kiwi Bloke With Devast8 Face Tatt U-Turns On Removal

Pic: New Zealand Herald

Well, it seems DEVAST8 is officially here to stay.. 

The New Zealand guy with the massive jailyard facial tatt has now backed out of his free tattoo removal sessions. 

19 year old Mark Cropp's brother was responsible for the tattoo, after the pair had a heavy night of drinking behind bars. 

"Once it was started, I thought, I can't go back on it now.

"I wish I had stopped while the outline was there to be quite honest," he said.

Cropp shot to fame after complaining that the tatt was stopping him find a job. 

After initially saying he had hoped to keep the ink and for a potential employer to look past it, he changed his mind, and accepted an offer from a tattoo removal company to have it lasered for free.

Now, the New Zealand Herald is reporting the company, Sacred Laser, has said Cropp has rejected their offer to finish the removal. 

Cropp, though, reckons it's just 'on hold' because he picked up a job and works night shift. He's now ignoring calls from the newspaper's reporters.