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Man Boob Eradication On The Rise

More Aussies Go Under The Knife

Man Boob Eradication On The Rise @PlasticSurgNews on Twitter

The days of breast surgery being the domain of woman are over, with a growing number of Aussie men turning to procedures to flatten their chest.

Man boobs, otherwise called Gynecomastia, is a health condition leading to breast gland tissue growth.

Doctors say the most common cause of the condition is hormone imbalance. A bloke has either too much oestrogen or a decrease in testosterone in their body.

One busy Melbourne dermatologist, Dr Daniel Lanzer told that he performs breast reductions on men up to five times a day, and carried out the procedure on more than 700 men last year.

Some men only need liposuction, while other will have glandular tissue removed through a small incision under the nipple. Recovery takes two days, but will burn a $4500 hole in your wallet.

If you're a bloke reading this article and worried about your own chest, there are alternatives to expensive procedures. Health website says a proper diet which cuts back on fatty foods can help, if it's coupled with cardiovascular exercises to help your body get rid of excess fat. Building muscles in your chest by doing push-ups and pec flyes can help.