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Man Sues Qantas Over Airline Food

Needle found in his meal!

Man Sues Qantas Over Airline Food

A man aboard a domestic flight between Queensland and Sydney in December 2016 is suing Qantas for finding a needle in his meal.

Ben Sabeto, 51, claims to have taken a bite into his butter chicken with cauli pea masala only to come off second best.

It appears he bit into a needle and badly cut his tongue.

Qantas claim that it is 'impossible' for an item such as a needle to be in the packaged flight meal. 

The Statement of Claim lodged by Shine Lawyers regarding the incident.

The claim states that Mr. Sabeto spat the needle into a napkin. 

"Upon inspecting the serviette, Mr Sabeto saw the remnants of his meal, droplets of his own blood and the tip of a hypodermic needle,” said the claim.

Sabeto said their was no proper apology or compensation offered to him from Qantas. 

Since the incident Sabeto claims to be suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

News Corp have reported that a Qantas spokesman said they had been in contact with Mr Sabeto “to inform him we have rejected his claim based on reports by our crew on board the aircraft as well as an investigation of our catering supplier”.

“There is no evidence to show that a syringe was in the meal at any stage during preparation in the catering centre or on-board,” he said.