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"Monster" Aussie Spider Freaks Out American Mum

"This thing is huge. It needs a leash"

"Monster" Aussie Spider Freaks Out American Mum

An American mum has freaked out after finding what she's described as a "MONSTER furry spider" in her toddler's bedroom.

Michigan mum Jillian Duke says she panicked after finding the spider in her 21 month old son's room early on Wednesday morning.

"I looked over thinking it was a big ball of string and it turned out it had eyes and it was a big spider,” said Jillian.

She even called for reinforcement in the form of her 73 year old dad who came over to get rid of it.

In a post on Facebook, Jillian said even her dad said he'd never seen anything like it,

"My dad thinks its [SIC] poisonous for sure. (He practically ripped his room apart to make sure there weren't any more) but anyone have a clue to what this is?"

It turns out, the spider was a long way from home.

Local spider experts have told Jillian the mystery spider is in fact an Australian Huntsman.

Now as all Aussies know, the huntsman is completely harmless - other than scaring the absolute bejesus out of you when it surprises you in the bedroom or on the windscreen of your car.

Despite being told there's no need for concern, Jillian is not convinced, '"This thing is huge. It needs a leash,” she said.