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New Report Shows Beer Could TRIPLE In Price Due To Climate Change

Please no.

New Report Shows Beer Could TRIPLE In Price Due To Climate Change Pexels

There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day – but if we’re not careful the world might get too hot to make beer.

A study has found barley yields could drop by as much as 17 per cent if temperatures continue to rise.

This means beer prices could triple in some parts of the world. 

“Although it may be argued that consuming less beer is not disastrous - and may even have health benefits - there is little doubt that for millions of people around the world, the climate impacts on beer consumption will add insult to injury," the paper says.

The report comes days after the UN released it’s special report on climate change – with scientists warning the world needed to take drastic action to reduce carbon pollution. The report suggests if the planet rises by just 2 degrees it could push the globe over a topping point and towards uncontrollable temperatures. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected the suggestions of 91 scientists involved in the study, insisting coal needed to be a vital part of Australia’s energy production.

Australia’s carbon pollution is currently at its highest levels since 2011.

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