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North Korean Army Fires Rockets And Torpedoes

Kim Jong-Un preps for war

North Korean Army Fires Rockets And Torpedoes

North Korea is ready for war, and wants us to know about it.. 

In what's being described as the country's 'largest ever' live-fire artillery drills, the North Korean army has fired hundreds of rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships. 

Reuters has published footage and photos of hundreds of tanks firing from their positions, lined up along the North Korean eastern coast. 

The country's leader, Kim Jong-Un, is there... he's been photographed out the top of a car sunroof, waving and saluting at his army as he is driven through the demonstration. 

It comes as our foreign minister Julie Bishop reiterates her condemnation of North Korea, having already called on the nation to abandon its illegal nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. 

"It's provocative and belligerent behaviour is causing great tension in our region and that's why Australia and others have called on North Korea to change its behaviour," 

"I note that North Korea is threatening nuclear war against a whole range of countries in our region."