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Passengers Share The Scary Moments On Board MH128


Passengers Share The Scary Moments On Board MH128

Image: Andrew Leoncelli

Passengers have spoken about the terrifying moment a man charged towards the cockpit of a Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur flight while claiming to have a bomb.

Travellers described frantic scenes on Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 as crew called for someone to step in when the man left his seat carrying an unknown item.

One passenger named Arif, who helped tackle the hijacker, spoke to Southern Cross Austereo this morning about the incident.

"They asked for a few guys to help and stuff...they were devastated actually," he said.

"The staff especially the ladies they were just screaming please help, help, help so we had to jump, we had no choice... look this guy is an idiot and I would say also he learned a lesson. It's just crazy."


The man was restrained at the back of the plane with cable ties.

Former Demons player Andrew Leoncelli was also on board and said the pilots where "quick to get back on the ground."

Leoncelli was just 4 rows from the front of the plane when he saw the man heading for the cockpit.

"He was like 'I'm gonna blow the f-ing plane up, I'm gonna blow the plane up', he was agitated is the best description. 100% he was on something."

"I couldn't tell you if he was on anything but he was a man on a mission and he was pacing from one foot to the other like a cat on a hot tin roof"

Leoncelli was with the group of men who wrestled the man to the ground, where airline staff hog tied him.

"Two lads grabbed him and disarmed him and bashed the crap out of him and put hogties on him."

"(They) basically jammed his head into the carpet and put the restraints things on him and then sat on him."